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Selvy TTS Application Examples
Selvy TTS can be applied to ARS and telebanking systems(public tts) for financial institutions, public institutions and businesses, accommodating various service scenario changes and events, and rapidly generating TTS voices without the need to pre-record a voice actor.With various voices provided, a custom-tailored voice service is available according to the customer's age, and the natural quality of the sound is far superior to that of a conventional recording method, increasing the customer satisfaction.
Selvy STT Application Examples
Selvy STT is generally applied to ARS in financial institutions, public institutions and businesses. Instead of navigating through options to reach the desired service, a user can directly access the service they want via voice, which enhances user satisfaction.
Selvy VAD Application Examples
Selvy VAD is a speech recognition automated attendant (AA) system, which can transfer a phone call to the intended party or department without human assistance in financial institutions, public institutions, schools and businesses.
ARS in call-centers (banking, securities, insurance, cards, transportation, aviation, weather, culture, customer center)
Selvy Speech solution is applied to the voice services that read out variable customer information in ARS.
Unified Messaging System (UMS)
Speech synthesis technology helps UMS to transfer voice messages.
Voice Portal
Applies speech recognition technology to easily search information on websites and telephone networks via voice.
Speech Recognition Automated Attendant (AA)
A speech recognition automated attendant (AA) in a phone system allows a caller to search the intended department or party by voice, increasing the customer usability.
Can be used to create call-back telephone messages.
The automated attendant (AA) system utilizes speech synthesis technology to generate various call-back messages.
Using Selvy public tts, the major banks including Woori Bank, Woori Card, Kookmin Bank and Kookmin Card provide ARS services, answering customer questions such as the balance inquiries without having to go through their representatives.

Using the speech recognizer and speech synthesizer, securities companies such as Hi Investment & Securities and NH Investment & Securities provide a service for customers to check the present, purchase and sale prices of stock items using voice.

By applying the speech recognizer and speech synthesizer to addresses, SK Broadband provides a finder service, allowing customers to locate their nearest agency via telephone.