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Smartphone tts devices
All smartphone features, including screen capture, screen scaling, mode change, Wi-Fi control, etc. can be controlled by voice alone.
In addition, the features of the applications downloaded from application stores can also be controlled using speech recognition technology.
Navigation, Hi-pass (DSRC), Black box tts devices
Speech recognition technology is used in place of conventional touch typing for destination searches and menu selection, enabling safer and more convenient driving. In addition, TTS technology provides the destination guide, traffic information and other additional information in a natural voice, enabling safer and more pleasant driving.
Home appliances (air conditioners, robotic cleaner)
Home appliances such as robotic cleaners and air conditioners can be controlled by voice commands.
TTS and speech recognition features are widely used in robots in a variety of fields, such as intelligent robots and robots used to help prevent dementia.
In addition, educational robots can read educational content aloud through the speech synthesis Selvy Speech solution, and play interactive games with children, maximizing the effect of the learning.
Learning tts terminal, Dictionary
With TTS technology applied for Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese, electronic dictionaries in dedicated foreign language learning devices and smartphones can read out words and example sentences whilst sounding like a native speaker.
Through this tts terminal, learning by reading, listening and repeating simultaneously becomes possible, improving both the effectiveness of learning and foreign language ability.
Speech synthesis technology is applied to the audio listening feature of e-book readers.
Vehicle manufacturers such as Hyundai-Kia Motors adapted the sound source to electronic dashboards through speech synthesizers, providing information about changes to the vehicles, such as the loss of tire pressure or a lack of cooling water.

Samsung Electronics also applied the speech recognizer to its home appliances such as air conditioners and robot cleaners, providing the speech recognition service to enable users to conveniently select a function from the home appliance menu.

In addition, Midong Electronics & Telecommunication applied the speech recognizer to the black box to enable searching and to operate features, enabling safer and more convenient driving.