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Announcements in public offices, buildings and apartments
Instead of reading out the announcements that are subject to frequent changes in public offices and apartments, a user can simply prepare an announcement script in a text file, and Selvy TTS braodcast can convert it into a natural voice. Speech synthesis technology for unmanned announcement systems allows users to deliver correct information in a more convenient way.
Subways and buses
Selvy TTS broadcast is widely used for announcement purposes in bus and subway stops throughout the nation.
The use of Selvy TTS broadcast with Bus Information Systems (BIS) has made a variety of announcements and arrival notices by speech at each bus stop possible, with users fully benefiting from the information.
Selvy TTS broadcast is also used with Urban Traffic Information Systems (UTIS) to alert people of emerging unexpected situations.
hospitals and drugstores
Selvy TTS broadcast is used for paging guests, brief information guidance and promotional purposes in hospitals and drugstores.
Parking and stopping surveillance via CCTV
As for surveillance, Selvy TTS recognizes license plates and uses natural speech to make itself heard to help drivers take appropriate actions.
The Headquarter of the Civil Defense and Disaster Management in Seoul City Hall applied the speech synthesizer to the national warning system in order to broadcast civil defense and disaster management information nationwide.

Gwachon City Hall applied the speech synthesizer to the illegal parking and stopping enforcement system in order to guide the drivers of illegally parked or stopped vehicles to the relocation destination of their vehicle.

In addition, with the speech recognizer and the set-top box, t-broad provides a service whereby the user can search for TV programs by speech using the names of actors, actresses, movie directors and TV programs.