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Selvy TTS-Speech Synthesis Solution  

text to speech syntesis solution
SELVAS AI's text-to-speech synthesis solution, Selvy TTS synthesis solution, is actively used in numerous fields and provides an optimal user interface. This technology is used for reading out words and example sentences in electronic dictionaries, for the voice of intelligent robots, for reading out text messages, for sounding out ARS instructions, and for providing traffic information in car navigation.
Selvy text to speech synthesis solution technology also provides voices of different characters, such as a child's voice, conversational speech, and even a singing TTS, for a wide variety of applications in entertainment, education and more.
speech synthesis
Items Selvy TTS-Server Selvy TTS-PC Selvy TTS-Embedded Selvy TTS-Mini
OS Windows
Windows WinCE, Windows Mobile,
Embedded Linux,
REX, QNX, Nucleus,
DSP, Non OS , etc.
Android, iPhone,
CPU Pentinum-IV Pentinum-IV 200MHz or
higher recommended
800MHz or higher
(Cortex-based core recommended)
RAM 250MB 60MB 3 ~ 10MB 10 ~ 12MB
HDD 1GB ~ 2GB 300MB ~ 600MB 10MB ~ 120MB 8 ~ 10MB