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Selvy TTS-Embedded

Provides a text-to-speech (TTS) solution optimized for various mobile platforms
Contributes to improving the usability of mobile devices(tts embedded), providing a compact and high performance solution specialized for embedded and mobile(tts embedded) platforms
Features market-proven engine performance as utilized by various applications and platforms
  • Provides language processing results and rhythm equal to that of the server-based solutions
  • Features an engine that runs stably, even in a system environment with low CPU
  • Supports iOS/Android OS and other various mobile platforms
  • Provides its own API available for various features, enabling convenient use
  • Supports a solution optimized for the TTS service sector and its environment

Selvy TTS-Mini

  • Micro-synthesizer equipped with HTS technology
  • Widely utilized in the e-book business
  • Provides a stable sound quality considering the DB size
  • Uses less than 10 MB of space
Major Application Examples  
Navigation/Hi-pass (DSRC) on-board-unit (OBU)/
Automotive black box

Speech synthesis technology for the audio guidance feature of
various applications, such as traffic information services and
voice direction services
Home networks/Robots
Speech synthesis technology for the audio listening feature of
home networks and robots
Electronic dictionaries/Learning devices
Speech synthesis technology for the audio listening feature of
electronic dictionaries, e-books and educational material
e-book Readers
Speech synthesis technology for the audio listening feature of
e-book readers
Industrial PDA/Medical devices/Accessibility devices for
people who are disabled

Speech synthesis technology for the audio guidance feature in
various informational guide devices(tts embedded)
android_tts A speech solution for navigation devices(tts embedded) and card readers
By using TTS, a navigation device can play instructions and messages based on the user's menu selection, as well as conveniently providing a voice service for place and POI names that are constantly modified or added.
Hi-pass (DSRC) can provide toll information and real-time traffic information from the Korea Expressway Corporation in text as well as in voice services through TTS, making traveling easier and more convenient.
text_to_speech_engine Speech solution for learning devices
With Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese TTS providing the necessary learning information in speech, the learner can easily understand words and sentences, read them and repeat, effectively doubling the efficiency of learning