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Selvy VAD

Selvy STT-Selvy VAD is a speech recognition automated attendant (AA) system, which can transfer a phone call to the intended party or department without human assistance in financial institutions, public institutions, schools and businesses. When using a cell phone, it allows a user to make a call by simply saying the name of a specific person recorded in the phone directory. It also provides an announcement feature using speech synthesis technology (TTS).

Key features

SmartCall phone directory Manages external or cell phone numbers, which are subject to frequent changes
speech recognition Over 95% speech recognition accuracy rate (based on 2,000 words)
speech synthesis Provides speech synthesis technology to check the names of employees and departments,
and delivers an urgent message or announcement
attendant (AA)
Recognizes names, corporate names, cell phone numbers, department names and task names by voice
and performs the automated attendant (AA) function
Support for speech &
DTMF side-by-side
Supports the speech type and touch tone (button) type at the same time
Distinguishing between
Uses additional information such as a department name or a position to transfer a phone call in case of homonyms
Holiday information Different holiday configurations, more scenarios provided and outgoing messages available
Administrator software Provides a feature to add/delete/modify items in the recognition list, the statistics of the recognition results,
and the details of the telephone call, etc.
About Us message Provides an About Us message from a company's main phone as a means of advertising

System specifications

Category Items Selvy VAD
H/W Circuit 36 circuits (analog)
CPU Intel Pentium Core2 Quad CPU 2.4GHz
RAM 3GB Main Memory
Number of servers One (IVR server/Recognition synthesis server)
Speech processing board Intel Dialogic社 D/120JCT-LS * 2
Other devices Peripherals including monitors, keyboards, racks (3U), etc.
S/W Speech recognition Speech recognition result output, call forwarding, etc.
speech synthesis Name vocalization confirmation, message replay, etc.
Administrator program Adding or deleting a user, modifying a phone number, holiday configuration, statistics, etc.
Operating system Microsoft Windows2000 Professional