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Selvy Voice Assistant

Selvy Voice Assistant is a software solution supporting speech voice commands, and is unlike existing speech assistant software products.
Selvy Voice Assistant allows users to control various applications and features of digital/mobile devices by voice, including smartphones.
Unlike existing speech voice commands products or services, which are limited to basic functions or are built-in smartphone applications, Selvy Voice Assistant provides a speech voice commands feature for various functions, and can be downloaded and installed by the user from application stores.

Key Features

Key Features  
Control basic smartphone controls
 Control basic functions such as lock screen, screen rotation,
  brightness, Wi-Fi, screen capture, and play music

Help function
 The help function provides the user with the available commands in a
  specific screen

 Temporary commands are automatically given to controls without
  name information

Utilization of Image Pattern Recognition and OCR
for Voice Commands

 Selvy Voice Assistant uses Image pattern recognition to find
  voice commands for images without any text that act as
  pressable interface elementsof applications.

 For screen menus assembled as images, OCR technology is used
  to extract the text information to be used as voice commands

Control through focus mode
  Focus mode provides a focus outline for more precise control of
  screen user interfaces

 During focus mode, commands such as left, right, up, down, and select
  enable users to navigate screens in a precise manner