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Selvy STT-Edu

Selvy STT-Edu is a multilingual education assistant solution (English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean), which uses speech recognition technology.
It supports a variety of servers, PCs and operating systems including embedded Android, iOS, WinCE, etc. It is particularly effective for improving English listening and speaking skills, and provides evaluation results and a report on English pronunciation.
In the field of education (including language institutes and education providers), Selvy STT-Edu provides a language learner with the word position and pronunciation information, as well as feedback on the pronunciation when compared to that of a native speaker and TTS.
Major Application Examples  
Language institutes and websites
for language-related content devices

Provides English, Chinese and Japanese language institutes curriculum providers with speech recognition technology, enabling evaluative learning and pronunciation accuracy feedback
Educational device providers 
Provides an educational speech recognition engine optimized for various operating systems 

Features and benefits of the solution


Learning to speak English
using speech recognition

 Through self-directed learning,
by listening and repeating
the words and sentences,
users can improve
their English pronunciation.

Improving English pronunciation

 Analyzes the user's pronunciation to
provide word- and phoneme-specific reports. 

 Allows users to check their pronunciation
by listening to their own recorded data.

Listening to a native speaker's pronunciation

 A user can open an English TTS sound source
as well as a file recorded by a native speaker
in order to listen and repeat.

Convenience of being able to
add and modify contents

 A user may add or modify the contents to study
only the required or desired words or sentences

Storing the user settings and history

 The "History" feature lets users pick up
where they left off and continue learning.

Improving speaking skills
using RolePlay

 By using the English TTS and STT features,
a user can learn how to speak English alone.

 RolePlay allows a user to switch roles freely
with the computer when practicing.