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Selvy Eduplayer

Selvy Eduplayer(STT English education) is an English speaking education program designed to help you to practice a native English speaker's pronunciation.
This STT English education program provides excellent speaking learning environments within a 4-step learning system.
By synchronizing with online content from customers' companies, you can continue to study English speaking wherever you want.
Learning steps  
Step 1. Watch learning content
For this step, learn to understand the overall content
by watching a video from start to end.

Step 2. Learn vocabulary
For this step, listen carefully to the sentences and dictate them.
DioDict dictionary will help you to improve your vocabulary.

Step 3. Practice speaking
You will practice speaking by listening to how the sentences sound and then repeating them. Your speech will be analyzed
in detail for pronunciation, intonation, stress, and timing. This detailed analysis will help you to learn natural-sounding English.

Step 4. Practice dialogues
You will be able to check your learning progress through
speaking practice based on role play.Take your role from
the videos. You can check what you learned and enhance
your conversation stills.


Main Feature

Items Contents
Real-time assessment graph This optimal learning method presents your intonation pattern in real time.
You can check your intonation as you speak, and adjust it compared to the original sound.
Automatic speaker identification Automatic speaker identification technology facilitates the role-play learning environment.
DioDict Dictionary Vocabulary learning is enhanced with DioDict dictionary, which is specialized for English learning.
Automatic Subtitle Creation The autosync system automatically matches the original sound with the subtitles of videos.
Using the features of either full-video sync or selected-sentence sync, you can save time producing content.
Pronunciation similarity
Assessment methods using similarity assessment modules
(*Assessment elements: Pronunciation/sentence stress/intonation/duration/pause…)
Detailed feedback is provided based on a comparison between yours and a native English speaker's speech,
so that you can clearly see how your speech differs.

System specifications

Product information
Items Contents
Capacity 100MB
OS Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 (Metro UI not supported)
Android Tablet/Web Server will be additionally supported soon.
Resolution 800×600 (default), Maximize (full-screen output of the player)
Dictionary DioDict NewAce English-Korean Dictionary
Video format Supported major video formats: wmv, mpg, mkv, mpeg, mp4, avi /
Video codecs: wmv1, wmv7, wmv8, mpeg2, divx, h264 / Audio codecs: ac3, mp3, aac, vorbis, wma
Installation of LAV filters is recommended.
Subtitle format SAMI (.smi, .sami), Sub Rip (.srt), subtitle text document (.txt), subtitle for learning (.ecml)
Languages for learning English

Recommended specification
Item Contents
CPU 32 bit (x86) and 64 bit (x64) CPU with 1.5 GHz or faster
Video Card Video adaptor and monitor supporting the resolution of super VGA (800×600) or higher
DirectX 9-graphics device with a driver of WDDM 1.0 or higher
RAM 1GB or higher
Hard Disk Space 200MB or higher
Direct X Direct 9 or higher
Microphone Required
OS Windows XP sp3, Windows 7 K or higher
*In the case of Windows KN edition, Windows Media Center should be installed.

*The specifications above are the basic settings for Selvy Eduplayer and may vary depending on the content.